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Lyrics & Lessons of Love

The Crown of Patience

Lyric 1


The Crown of Patience is given to all
who follow in My steps.
The battle cry of death to self
is won by self-denial.”

The victory of Jesus Christ
is certain in the end.
If only we who know His will
will give ourselves to Him.

The path so narrow, the gate so thin
is open wide with a humble cry—

“My Lord, and my God,
Thy face do not hide.
Come heal my wounds, my broken heart
come fill my soul with Thy Spirit’s art
and wash away my sin.

Come, my Lord, my God adored
come help the sinner’s plea.
The ancient lot of earthly rot
when Adam’s sin lies within.
But why must I, not find my way,
a gate so narrow and true.
I know who can see me through—
My Jesus!  It must be You.”

Then he will follow, the sinner swallows
and drinks Christ’s blood in pain.
The cross of sin, the load within
brings closer the sinner’s end.

The final blow is dealt to pride
no longer can the poor soul hide.
But shelter comes when in the Son,
he finds the peace most needed.
Because he heeded and gave up all
the more shall blessing fill his soul.
And only God can know the means
to pour these blessings into the heart
of a humbled man who fell apart.

But now he found a new home, a new crown.
The crown of pride pops like a balloon,
the heat of the Flame pops it soon.

But the humbled man wears a crown of patience
which stands solid as diamond on gold.
The precious medals of hard fought battles
now fulfills his soul.
The precious battle of Christ’s crucifixion
now fills his soul with the resurrection.
The man is now made whole.


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