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The True Disciple of Jesus

The True Disciple

John Nicholas Grou

the beginning of his
The School of
Jesus Christ


As Christians, we all glory in being disciples of Christ, but are we really His disciples?  Do we really follow Him as our Master and Teacher, our Leader and Guide?  Do we study His doctrine and endeavor to practice it?  If this were the case, there would be more good and true Christians than there are, and we would not so easily assume that we were among their number.

Many Christians only do what they have to in order to avoid going to hell and to enter heaven, observing the Ten Commandments and the precepts of the Gospel as they understand them.  Others join to this observance external practices of devotion, vocal prayers, spiritual reading, and more frequent use of the sacraments.  Some also, according to their means and ability, extend their interest and attention to works of mercy.  If, however, even these last proceed no further, they are at best but imperfect or incomplete Christians, though they will hardly believe this; yet, there is nothing more true.

If you ask me what is still wanting, I will tell you that the mind must be instructed in the perfection which Christ teaches, and the heart must be impressed with His sentiments; that the tendency of the whole conduct of a Christian must be to destroy the “old man,” the man of sin, and to substitute in its place the “New Man,” the Man of Grace, Christ Jesus Our Lord.  He who is living in this way, or is seriously striving to do so, may rightly rejoice that they are a true Christian, a true disciple of Jesus Christ the Lord, while giving to Him and to the Father and to the Holy Spirit—to the Holy Blessed Trinity—all glory, honor, praise and thanksgiving for everything good or holy or true.


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