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Humility & Obedience

Humility & Obedience
Add up to Love

Prayerful Poem 1


Most Holy Trinity,
through Mary, our Mother,
fill Thy Castle, Holy Church,
with Thy blessings throughout the earth.

Holy Angels protect and guide us,
to the Heavenly Fountain’s abode.

On the road of salvation lead us,
for with Christ we journey forth.

Out of sin and darkness wailing,
into light and life unfailing.

Lead Thy poor and wretched servants,
unto truth, once again.
For with time and with Thy grace,
we can find the Key of Life.

Jesus Christ, the Key of Life,
will lead us to the Cross divine.

Holy Cross, in Thy arms,
we find rest from all that harms.

Holy Cross, we come to Thee,
help us in our misery.

For on that Cross we find our home,
but not without the pain of death.

Dying to sin and rising again,
this is the truth of the cross we share,
this is the cost of the cross we bear.

Jesus Christ will never leave us,
only we must bear the pain.

Simple love in obedience sowing,
for eternal life begun.

Only Jesus can free our souls
from sin and death and evil
for all time.
Only Jesus can show us meekness,
and the gift of truth in humility.
Humility and obedience add up to Love.
Love for the Father, our God above.
Love for the Son, the Only Begotten One.
Love for His Mother, Mary so pure.
Love for the Spirit of God residing
  in holy souls in truth abiding.
Love for the saints and angels of God.
Love for the friends of the Cross of Christ.
Love for all peoples, all gifts from the Father.
Love for all children yet unborn.
Love for the elderly, love for the weak.
Love for the gentle, the lowly, the meek.
Love for the broken-hearted
who weep in the street.
Love for the drug addict who finds no peace.
Love for the disturbed in mind or emotions.
Love for the possessed, scourged in the spirit.
Love for the persecutors who secure our salvation
  by driving us deep into the Heart of God.
Love for the single, the married, the rich, and the poor.
Love for all without reserve.
Love for Love, in Love, with Love.
All becomes one in Love, Love, Love.


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